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Many of us feel a rejuvenated sense of gratitude, compassion, and desire to serve others during the holiday season. After all, we’ve all been on the receiving end of kind, helping hands at various points in our lives. Charitable donations and service are wonderful ways to give back, particularly right here at home in Boulder City.

One of the most worthy local organizations deserving our constant care and attention is Emergency Aid of Boulder City. Emergency Aid is a local non-profit, staffed entirely by volunteers, that provides aid to assist residents and stranded travelers with food, rent, utilities, gasoline, auto repairs, medicine, and other critical necessities. With faith-based roots dating back to the 1930s, Emergency Aid has been helping single mothers, seniors, struggling families, and countless others to get back on their feet ever since.

Emergency Aid’s shelves are stocked and its programs funded almost exclusively by generous donations from Boulder City residents, including several annual food drives. However, with food demands well exceeding 100,000 pounds per year and other essential needs constantly taxing its resources, its pantry, bank accounts, and volunteer staff never seems to be quite full enough. So please help Emergency Aid today by calling (702) 293-0332 to donate your time and money.

And if you come away from that experience feeling better about yourself and the world (as I promise you will), then more opportunities to give of yourself can be found just around the corner, including Lend-A-Hand, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, the Veterans Home, the Homestead, Boulder City Hospital, the Senior Center, and Boulder City Museum.

So what’s in it for you? Well, if heaven’s blessings and all the good you’ll be doing for humankind aren’t enough, then consider the many friendly estate, gift, and income tax benefits that philanthropists and their beneficiaries are eligible to receive both during life and after death.

But whatever our motives, may we all do a little more this holiday season to ensure that our community is a home to all.

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