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Nevada’s Living Will Lockbox

What is the Lockbox? The Registry of Advance Directives for Health Care, also known as the “Living Will Lockbox,” was recently established by the 2007 Nevada State Legislature. The Lockbox is an online database of electronically stored advance directives, including living wills, healthcare powers of attorney, do-not-resuscitate orders, and other such declarations of a person’s wishes regarding end-of-life healthcare decisions. It is managed and administered by the Nevada Secretary of State’s office.

Why Do I Need an Advance Directive? Advance directives tell healthcare professionals and family members what your desires are in the event that you require life-sustaining treatment, including limitations on such treatment, instructions pertaining to types and levels of care, or even directions concerning organ and tissue donation. They are designed to instill peace of mind by ensuring that your wishes will be honored and that others won’t have to bear the heavy burden of making those difficult decisions for you.

Why Use the Lockbox? Among other advantages, the Lockbox is secure, confidential, and, perhaps most important, readily accessible in emergency situations. It is also cost-free.

Who Can Access the Lockbox? The Lockbox is accessible only to authorized healthcare providers and people to whom you give your Lockbox password.

How Do I Register for the Lockbox? The first step is to complete a living will or other advance directive, usually with the assistance of an attorney, healthcare professional, or other trusted advisor. Then, you simply fill out a registration agreement and send it to the Secretary of State along with a copy of your advance directive. Registration information is available at any of the Secretary of State’s offices or online at or Once successfully registered, you will receive a confirming letter, a Lockbox ID number, and access instructions.

Peace of Mind. Regardless of your current age or health condition, you never know when you might need a living will, healthcare power of attorney, or other advance directive. There’s no better time than the present to create one, and when you do, consider taking advantage of the Lockbox.

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