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Boulder City’s Mayor and City Council are entrusted with many heavy responsibilities in representing our citizens on a myriad of important matters. City Council meetings are usually filled with many challenging issues.

However, many citizens may not be fully aware that a vast number of critical decisions on matters that directly affect Boulder City are made by regional agencies, which in turn are governed by boards composed of our city and county’s elected officials. Our City Council selects delegates from among its own members to represent Boulder City on each of these agencies.

For example, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada is the planning and funding agency for road construction. It also operates the bus system for the general public and the paratransit system for disabled persons. The RTC allocates fuel tax revenues to our city for local street improvements and sets priorities for state and federal highway improvements in Clark County. One of the eight current members of the RTC’s governing board is Mayor Tobler, while others are County Commissioners or city council members from other cities.

Other important regional agencies on which Boulder City Council members sit as our representatives include the Clark County Regional Flood Control District, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Southern Nevada Board of Health, the Southern Nevada Water Authority, and the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Authority. These regional boards meet at least monthly, and when they allocate funds or enact policies that could have a significant impact on us, it is crucial that our city’s interests are protected.

Our Mayor and City Council members are, of course, expected to represent our citizens at City Council meetings, but they must also be effective in representing us on these regional boards, which regularly make so many important decisions.

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