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Boulder City Drug Court

Boulder City’s local court has implemented a new program to help those who falter under the heavy hand of substance-abuse addictions. Drug Court, as it’s commonly called, is an out-patient treatment program for individuals convicted of one or more substance-abuse-related crimes. Rehabilitation, as opposed to repeat incarceration, is its aim.

In typical criminal proceedings, offenders are sentenced with jail, fines, or community service. While such consequences can sometimes be effective deterrents to future criminal activity, they are not without their shortcomings, especially for those enslaved by substance abuse. Offenders often continue their addictive behaviors despite repeatedly passing through the revolving jail-house door. This is, in part, why the Drug Court program was created. Drug Court seeks to extinguish the underlying cause of repeat offenses—the offender’s addictions.

Drug Court participants are released from custody with the obligation to fulfill certain requirements designed to help them overcome their addictions. Such requirements include weekly alcoholics and narcotics anonymous meetings, weekly counseling sessions, biweekly court appearances, community service, random drug testing, and more. In addition, participants are required to be employed or be actively seeking employment. Counseling and full-time employment are key to a participant’s success. Failure to fulfill these requirements, however, may result in increased supervision, counseling, house arrest, community service, jail time, and the like.

It is gratifying to witness the transformation of loved ones who break the addiction cycle, repair relationships, find renewed mental and physical health, and take control of their lives, finally free from addiction. Boulder City’s Drug Court program provides them that chance.

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